SSE Riga Skills and Values Help Build the First Latvian Unicorn

An impact of SSE Riga alumni

From Developers to Project and Customer Success Managers, to the Head of Sales and Chief Operating Officer… It seems like you can't take a step at Printful without coming across at least one SSE Riga graduate.

Tthe skills gained at SSE Riga have helped Printful grow into the first Latvian unicorn - a business that's valued at above $1 billion.

Initiative, Integrity, Respect & Care, and Fun (


Print-on-demand and warehousing company Printful is one of the fastest-growing companies in the US, with its roots and operational nerve center based in Riga, Latvia. The foundation of Printful's growth is its team which wouldn't reach its ambitious goals without the 19 SSE Riga graduates currently working at Printful.

Date added: 29.06.2021

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