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Jan 25
Venue: SSE Riga , Room 503 | Event type: Everyone

Open Workhop by Prof. Alexander Chepurenko: SME and entrepreneurship policy in market economies — the evolution in 1980-2010

The lecture will deal with the development of the SME and entrepreneurship policy agenda in 1980-2000 in the context of the economic and societal changes in Western economies (establishing of the 'entrepreneurial society'; the differentiation between SMEs and entrepreneurial activity of population; the role of the entrepreneurship ecosystems and its institutions). The most debating points as well as the approaches, especially in Anglo-saxon countries, will be discusses - with a specific emphasis on its relevance for the transion and 'new' market economies in Europe.

Speaker: Professor Alexander Chepurenko, Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia

Feb 08
Venue: SSE Riga , Room W-32 | Event type: Everyone

Open Workshop: Non-compliant Small Firms and the National Living Wage — The Roots of Informal Responses to Regulatory Change

How do small ‘non-compliant’ firms (those evading existing regulations) react to further regulatory change? The impact of the National Living Wage in the UK in 2016 is analysed through 22 mostly longitudinal case studies of small non-compliant firms. The varied responses, endurance of non-compliance and the blurred and dynamic nature of transitions to compliance are discussed through the lens of institutional approaches to informality. The analysis sheds new light on the relative autonomy of micro processes and the conditions under which external forces affect these processes. Non-compliant informality, as a persisting feature of small business, is unlikely to be transformed by legal regulation alone.

Speaker: Professor Monder Ram, Aston Business School, Aston University, UK

Discussion moderated by Dr. Arnis Sauka.