In focus


Nov 29
Venue: SSE Riga Soros auditorium | Event type: Everyone

Open Lecture by Nicholas Shaxson: Offshore finance — golden goose or poisoned chalice?

SSE Riga kindly invites you to attend an open lecture by the British author, journalist and investigator Nicholas Shaxson.

Speaker Nicholas Shaxson is the author of the book Treasure Islands: Uncovering the Damage of Offshore Banking and Tax Havens, a book The Guardian called a “bombshell”. Nicholas has worked as a part-time writer and researcher for the Tax Justice Network, an expert-led lobbying group focused on the harmful impacts of tax avoidance, tax competition and tax havens. Shaxson’s articles have appeared in The Guardian, Foreign Affairs, Vanity Fair and other high-profile venues.

The presentation will be followed by a panel discussion.