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Nov 06
Venue: Online | Event type: All Alumni

The Homecoming season of SSE Riga is quickly approaching.

The Homecoming season of SSE Riga is quickly approaching.

We kindly invite you to join in (HomeConnecting?) and mark it together! It’s a chance to co-create an unforgettable online gathering of minds and voices determined to play our part to continuously foster growth and lead by example in the Baltic region and beyond.

We've converted a dayslong, in-person 'Alumni forum + Presidential Dinner + HomeComing party' celebration package into a six-hour virtual event with live conversations on what’s next in Baltic economics, export and capital markets.

A series of 90-minute live conversations and debates on the theme "Seeking New Growth" will take place on Friday, November 6,2020:

Macroeconomics 2020+ - How to find the right macroeconomic policy for the Baltics?

Moderated by Morten Hansen, SSE Riga, Fiscal Discipline Council of Latvia

Winning Amongst Losers And Not Losing Amongst Winners

Moderated by Yuri Romanenkov, SSE Riga

Let's Talk Money: Sorting out the capital availability for businesses in the Baltics

Moderated by Kristine Jarve, Deloitte