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May 25
Venue: SSE Riga , Room 507 | Event type: Everyone

Open Workshop by Prof. Lars Johannsen: How do you find a black cat in a dark room? Using triangulation and experimental methods to show light on dark figures in social science

Speaker: Lars Johannsen, Ph.D., Department of Political Science, Aarhus University, Denmark

Dark (or hidden) figures is perhaps best known from criminology where it is oft used to describe the number of unreported crime, crime that is unknown to all parties and/or crime that is not recognized as crime. Dark figures are, however, not restricted to criminology but are common across all disciplines of social sciences: Economics, sociology, political science and/or psychology – and it is no less true with respect to issues such as corruption and undeclared work and income.

May 14
Venue: SSE Riga | Event type: Everyone

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Executive Education programmes at SSE Riga
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