In focus


Feb 18
Venue: SSE Riga , Room W-32 | Event type: All Alumni

Alumni Discussion Club Event with Professor Talis Putnins: Stock Markets as Casinos

To what extent are stock markets just another form of casino?  What determines the amount of gambling in a country's stock market?  And how does gambling in stock markets affect a country’s capital markets? Come along and find out. 

Tālis Putniņš will present some of his latest research using global data on “traditional” gambling such as casinos and novel estimates of gambling on stock markets, addressing the above questions. He will provide provocative policy suggestions for how to kick start Baltic capital markets through casino regulation.

Mar 19
Venue: SSE Riga Soros auditorium | Event type: Everyone

Public lecture by Mark Blyth: Open Economies in a Volatile World – How to Live Long and Prosper

Speaker Mark Blyth is a political economist whose research focuses upon how uncertainty and randomness impact complex systems, particularly economic systems, and why people continue to believe stupid economic ideas despite buckets of evidence to the contrary.