New Scholarship Partner

The Alumni Association is delighted to present new Scholarship Partner Indexo!

INDEXO reflects on our collaboration:

"INDEXO is proud to announce that we have become a Scholarship Partner of the SSE Riga Alumni Association by funding student scholarships in 2018.

The message from Latvia's demographic trends is clear – Latvians cannot rely on future taxpayers to pay their pensions. We as a society must save more today if we hope to have decent retirements 20, 30 or 40 years from now.

 Building a culture of saving starts with financial literacy. The basics of saving and investing must become common knowledge. There is no institution better suited for spreading this knowledge than the academic powerhouse that is SSE Riga. We count on the students and graduates of SSE Riga to help this change happen in companies, classrooms and homes across Latvia.

 We hope that this may be the start of a strong relationship with the Alumni Association which will promote our mission of financial literacy and help shape the future leaders of Latvia's financial sector."

 To see what INDEXO is doing to improve Latvia's financial environment, visit!

Date added: 08.02.2018