Networking event for the Executive MBA alumni _June 2017

June 2017
Networking event for the Executive MBA alumni 
 Futurist afternoon titled “What lies ahead?”

In the first week of June, SSE Riga officially launched the 15th Anniversary of the Executive MBA programme. The Anniversary was opened with a very special Futurist Afternoon with distinguished speakers. The afternoon on futurology dealt with the challenges ahead in the fields SSE Riga Executive MBA graduates chose as the most topical in an earlier survey.

Benedict Dellot, Associate Director in the RSA’s Economy, Enterprise and Manufacturing team, spoke on the increase in freelancing and self-employment coupled with the prospect of increasing automation of tasks. Brett Scott, a prolific writer on challenges to modern finance, analysed whether fintech presents a challenge to traditional financial institutions. Louise Fredbo-Nielsen, from the Copenhagen-based company Future Navigator, explored basic trends in consumer behaviour and experience while Roberts Kilis looked at shifting patterns of personal and societal life in the future.

The audience was highly engaged and we are especially happy that among more than 60 participants all graduation years where represented.

Date added: 01.11.2017

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