Great Alumni Event in Vilnius

“Sex, drugs, and bitcoin – How much illegal activity is financed through cryptocurrencies”, based on the presentation of the research  of SSSE Riga professor Talis Putnins, took place in Vilnius on February 19, 2018.

More than 60 people gathered for the event in the main conference hall of the Corner hotel, where they had great discussion, starting with analysis of both legal and illegal uses of cryptocurrencies, presented by SSE Riga professor Talis Putnins.

SSE Riga alumni Tadas Langaitis (Member of the Parliament, Lithuania) shared his insights regarding the global picture and tools available to legislators and controlling institutions alike for shaping this new rising wave of digital technology.

SSE Riga Alumni   Martins Liberts (Co-Founder and CEO of Debitum Network) summed up the discussion. He nicely convinced alumni that what they saw there was the new frontier of idea financing, and even though the first scouts and scammers are already out there, the mainstream train hasn’t left yet, and SSER Alumni are especially well equipped to ride it towards the prosperous future for the whole region.

Date added: 20.02.2018