"Dienas Bizness" - interviews with SSE Riga Alumni

Viktors Bolbats, Kristaps Silins, Guntars Balcuns, Janis Oslejs and Ilja Arefjevs - Interviews in "Dienas Bizness" 2021 (in Latvian).

An interview with Viktors Bolbats (BSc Class of 2007) on the need for targeted restart of the economy. Source: DB, 16.03.2021 https://www.db.lv/zinas/uznemeju-zurnala-dienas-bizness-izdevums-11-501634

An interview with Kristaps Silins (BSc Class of 2012) on the biggest problem in state communication. Source: DB, 11.05.2021 https://www.db.lv/zinas/uznemeju-zurnala-dienas-bizness-izdevums-19-502459

An interview with Guntars Balcuns (BSc Class of 2003) on the construction of a new solar park. Source: DB, 15.06.2021 https://www.db.lv/zinas/uznemeju-zurnala-dienas-bizness-izdevums-23-503091

An interview with Janis Oslejs (EMBA Class of 2004) on the need to significantly reduce the costs of exporting companies. Source: DB, 29.06.2021 https://www.dbhub.lv/raksti/dienas-bizness-elektroniski-29-junijs-2021

An interview with Ilja Arefjevs (BSc Class of 2002) on pension funds stimulating national economy. Source: DB 24.08.2021 https://www.db.lv/zinas/uznemeju-zurnala-dienas-bizness-izdevums-32-504152


Date added: 24.08.2021