Andzelika Berga has joined Luminor management team as Luminor Head of People and Culture.

Andzelika is a 2014 graduate of SSE Riga EMBA programme.

“We have to stop seeing people as resources used to reach the employers’ goals. Employees have to be the core and the heart of every company”, believes Andzelika Berga. “Due to stereotypes the position of HR manager is often associated with recruiting, dismissing and payroll issues only. I would like to move in a completely different direction with a particular focus on excellent work experience, thus contributing to creation of innovative work environment, shaping of relationship culture and truly motivating the employees to show up at work. Employees are not just to exist; they need to be involved and to feel satisfaction and see the purpose of their input”

Source:Lita Juberte-Krumina, Luminor News

Photo: Luminor News

Date added: 12.03.2018

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