Alumni Association event "Latvia 2020: alternative vision"

The event was organized by the initiative of SSE Riga alumni.

Speakers: SSE Riga Alumni Andris Strazds, Gatis Eglitis, Girts Lapins, Karlis Andersons and Maris Simanovics.

Invited speakers:Morten Hansen and Arnis Sauka

Since the establishment of SSE Riga students and alumni have been encouraged to engage not only in private sector but also public administration, thus fostering Latvia’s economic and social changes.

The aim of the meeting, which took place on January 22nd, was to shape discussion on how to make alumni engagement even more active in policy making either on national level (e.g., planning documents) or separate line ministries, using the knowledge of alumni and SSER academic research capacities. 

After presentations and Panel discussion Alumni survey was conducted to see the areas in which SSE Riga alumni would like to engage.

Date added: 24.01.2018